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I'm going to be going to Florida in about a week so I won't be on Newgrounds often. Well I don't get on often anyways.
I shall see you all on the other side.

My epic original rap!

2012-05-22 20:22:33 by ProjectArbiter

Fuck ya'll who are fake, all you wanna do is hate, but you all know that you cannot debate, the fact that I just don't care about unreal n***as who can't stand up for real shit, when I try all you wanna do is ride my dick 'till I get off of it, then we don't talk ever again, you all act like befriending me is a sin. If you want to act like that, then go away, fade away in another day far gone from my thoughts while you thunk that your beef with me would end up smothering the MC within thee?! Well I guess that's why you're not paid to think, in fact you gotta pay a shrink to tell you what's going on inside your own brain, you think your insane, well guess what, I know what I am, I'm Project Arbiter, the one and only, and to those that think you can defy me....
You obviously don't know me.